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Sun Goddess Ring

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Inspired by Beyoncé's Grammy's Goddess outfit, particularly her crown, this ring has a halo of sun rays surrounding a central moonstone. The performance celebrated several Goddesses, one of which was Goddess Oshun, the Goddess of fertility, femininity, beauty & love. The moonstone adds extra power to this necklace, as the stones energy enhances success & personal power. 

Channel your confident inner Yoncé & feel like a glowing Goddess in this ring & matching necklace.

moonstone is for

a driven Queen who wants to channel her intuition, welcome inspiration, is ready for a new adventure & is working towards a life os success in both love & business. 


⟡ Available in 4 sizes: size guide
⟡ Material: 18k gold-plated sterling silver, Moonstone
⟡ Hypoallergenic & nickel-free
⟡ Moonstone has a beautiful rainbow sheen in the light

[Please note, these are made with natural stone, therefore the complexion of the stone may differ to the pictures]

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