Hey! I'm ramona & here's my story...

I guess you could say that Rani & Co. had been in the making for 20+ years, because every experience I had, lead to me creating this business. Let me explain...

The concept of Rani & Co. was driven by my interest in feminism. From as little as I can remember, I always looked up to strong women, but I also recognised that women were treated differently.

From the age of 7, I had quite a few unfortunate experiences just because I was born as a female. I never let it define me, but I did question how the world viewed women.

Fast forward a few years, I wrote my University dissertation on the 'glass ceiling', & that's when I first came across the concept of feminism & identified with it immediately.

In 2020, Rani & Co. jewellery launched.

Combining my interest in feminism, the frustration at how feminism was depicted as a movement, & not wanting any other woman to feel the way I did growing up, Rani & Co. was born.

Rani & Co. isn't about 'empowering' women, because women are already powerful, we aim to encourage women to feel even more powerful than they already are through a medium that is subtle & elegant; jewellery.

Helping other young girls & women will always be an important part of Rani & Co., which is why we have donated to 4 charities & counting; Baale Mane, The Red Box Project, Bloody Good Period, & Planned Parenthood.

your jewellery is your armour

I hope you feel brave, powerful, fearless & like the best version of yourself. A confident woman is an unstoppable woman.


Ramona x