I'm ramona, the founder, & here's my story...

Rani & Co.'s story derives from personal experiences, feminist ideals, and a passion to empower.

From my earliest memories, I found myself looking up to formidable women, inspired by their strength and resilience. Yet, even in my youth, I couldn't ignore the subtle yet profound ways society treated women differently.

At just seven years old, I encountered my first brushes with adversity simply because of my gender. But rather than letting these experiences define me, they fuelled a curiosity about the world's perception of women.

Fast forward to University, my academic pursuits led me to explore the concept of the 'glass ceiling' in my university dissertation. It was here that I stumbled upon feminism and felt an immediate kinship with its principles.

In 2020, Rani & Co. Jewellery came to life

It was a convergence of my passion for feminism, frustration at its misrepresentation, and an unwavering desire to ensure no woman felt alone in her journey.

Rani & Co. isn't about granting power to women, for we believe women are inherently powerful. Instead, our mission is to amplify that innate strength, to embolden women to radiate confidence everyday through the jewellery they wear.

But our story doesn't end with adornments; it's woven with a commitment to uplift others. That's why Rani & Co. proudly donates to charities supporting young girls & women, like Baale Mane, The Red Box Project, Bloody Good Period, Planned Parenthood, Mind and Solace.

Rani & Co. is more than just jewellery; it's a celebration of womanhood, resilience, and the boundless power within each of us.

your jewellery is your armour

I hope you feel brave, powerful, fearless & like the best version of yourself. A confident woman is an unstoppable woman.


Ramona x