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4 Business Women Running Their Own Empires
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Christmas Gift for Feminists
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8 Signs of Internalised Misogyny
Internalised sexism is more common amongst women than we think. Here are 8 common questions & comments we hear from women which indicate internalised misogyny.
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Why The Northern Ireland Abortion Law Is Worse Than Alabama Law
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the origin of marriage & should women still change their surname?
This post is inspired by a poll that we did on our Instagram story, asking our female followers whether they would keep their surname or change to their husbands surname when they get married. So, we thought we'd research the origin of marriage and the changing of surnames.
Free sanitary products to all uk schools!
Girls in primary school to college will receive FREE sanitary products in 2020, thanks to Amika George & the Free Periods campaign. But period poverty isn't over yet...
Founder of Rani & Co. interviews with We Are F Digital
London-based digital consultant 'We Are F' interviewed me (founder of Rani & Co.) about my business journey, what inspired me to launch Rani & Co., advice I'd give to budding entrepreneurs & loads more!
why i am a feminist
Ramona Gohil, founder of UK based feminist brand Rani & Co., reflects on her experiences of sexual harassment & sexism which influenced her to identify as a feminist.
feminist christmas gifts for him or her
Our feminist slogan tops paired with our feminist inspired wall art and jewellery, make a great gift for a feminist, and they're all under £30!
Equal Pay Day 10th November 2018
(10th Nov 2018) Today is 'Equal Pay Day', i.e. the day when women officially stop earning due to the pay gap. That's right ladies, you're working for free. Here's what you need to know about the gender pay gap...
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What you need to know about the Kavanaugh case
The Kavanaugh case has made a global impact. The case is a reminder of why we need the #MeToo movement and that sexism still exists. Here's why this case has caught the worlds attention...
Love Sonia, a film about the global sex trade
The independent film 'Love Sonia' is based on the issue of child and sex trafficking, currently a $32bn global industry. Here's a review of the film, how to spot a victim of sex trafficking and how to spot a sex trafficker.
female-lead hedge funds outperform the industry by 20%
Did you know that hedge funds run by women perform better than those run by men, but they still have a higher failure rate?! These recruiters explain why...
Transgender people tell us what it's like to live as a man and a woman
Transgender people have the unique experience of living life as a man and woman. These transgender people tell us what they've learnt from their experience as both genders and how the sexes are treated differently.