Why The Northern Ireland Abortion Law Is Worse Than Alabama Law

A few weeks ago, a new law was signed in Alabama to make abortions illegal. The law states that pregnancy as a result of rape and incest is not an exception, the only exception is if the mother's health is at risk. If a doctor helps with the abortion process, they could face up to 99 years in prison.

The news spread like wildfire on social media, with a surge of angry women (and some men) protesting against the unfair law, and rightly so!

Northern Ireland Abortion Law Is Worse Than Alabama Law, art by Hexelot

Art by Hexelot

Why are people so angry at the new law? Because yet again, a group of ignorant, incompetent, egotistical, power hungry men are making decisions about what women should do with their bodies and their reproductive rights. What's even more shocking, is that a female governor (who is also a Trump supporter, shocker) actually signed the bill!

The 25 white men and governor who voted 'yes' for the new law stated that 'every life is precious & that every life is a sacred gift from God.' But if these people are pro-life, why are they willing to ruin a woman's life over a pregnancy that she doesn't want?

Northern Ireland Abortion Law Is Worse Than Alabama Law - art by Caitlin John

Art by Caitlin John

So many people are enraged about this law, BUT, we seem to be forgetting that the abortion law in Northern Ireland is worse.

In Northern Ireland, not only is it illegal for women to have an abortion under any circumstance, but if a woman goes ahead with or causes an abortion, she may face a jail sentence for life.


Over the past few years, women have been rising up, sharing their stories and standing together. It's an incredible time to be alive as a woman, but this new law is like a punch in the face.

Let's face it, if men could get pregnant, the law would be very different.

It's important to understand that women don't have abortions just because they feel like it, some women aren't financially, physically or mentally read to have a baby, and whilst people are quick to judge and say 'well she should have used protection', remember that contraception is 99% effective, not 100%.

To the men (& woman) who legalised this disgusting and unfair law, we will win this fight. There is nothing more fierce than an outraged woman.

Northern Ireland Abortion Law Is Worse Than Alabama Law-art by thesweetfeminist
Art by Becca Rea-Holloway aka The Sweet Feminist


If you'd like to support women in having the choice to an abortion, you can donate to the following charities where donations are used to break the stigma of abortion through workshops and social media campaigns:

Alliance 4 Choice

Marie Stopes



Lots of love,
[Founder of Rani & Co.]

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