Moonstone Teardrop Ring (Silver)

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The most dainty & timeless ring for an elegant Queen. This delicate silver band wraps around the finger, finished with 2 intricately cut pear-shaped moonstone gems. Its adjustable style means that it fits every woman, just carefully stretch the band for a larger fit, or squeeze it for a tighter fit. If you're not sure of your loved ones ring size, this is the perfect ring to gift them.

moonstone is for

a driven Queen who wants to channel her intuition, welcome inspiration, is ready for a new adventure & is working towards a life of success in both love & business. 


⟡ Also available in Green Onyx & Labradorite
⟡ Arrives gift wrapped
⟡ Adjustable ring to fit any ring size
⟡ Material: Sterling silver, Moonstone
⟡ Hypoallergenic & nickel-free
⟡ Moonstone has a beautiful rainbow sheen in the light

[Please note, these are made with natural stone, therefore the complexion of the stone may differ to the pictures]

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