The Story Behind Each Clothing Design

Hi everyone!

It's Ramona here, founder of Rani & Co.

I started creating this brand in February 2017 and I absolutely loved designing the logos for the clothing. As a feminist and a firm believer in equality and empowering women, I based the slogans on some incredibly strong and inspirational women. I want to tell you why I chose these designs and the story behind each slogan.

And Still I Rise

And Still I Rise Maya Angelou Jumper Rani & Co.


This jumper is inspired by the great Maya Angelou; an American poet, activist and author. She's an incredible woman who gave black people and women a voice.

'And Still I Rise' was Maya's third volume of poetry, made up of 32 short poems. The poems are based on the determination to rise above difficulties. One of my favourite quotes from this poem is:

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

I chose the quote 'And Still I Rise' to inspire women and to remind them that even if society holds you to the stereotypes of a woman, you can rise above it and achieve your dreams.

The design is simple yet strong, with the capital letters emphasising the meanings behind the words.

Nah, Rosa Parks 1955

Nah Rosa Parks 1955 T-shirt, Feminist Top, Rani & Co.
Rosa Parks is an activist who is also known as 'the mother of the freedom movement'.

In 1955, a time when black and white people were segregated, Rosa Parks boarded a bus after a long day at work. White people sat at the front of the bus whilst black people sat at the back.

All the seats were taken and the bus driver noticed that there were some white people standing on the aisle. During this time, black people were ordered to give up their seat for the white. The bus driver asked Rosa Parks to give up her seat, saying 'Why don't you give up your seat?’ Rosa was tired of giving in and she was brave enough to say 'No'.

Rosa Parks was reported to the police and arrested. Later that day, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) decided to boycott the buses, which lasted 381 days, making it one of the largest movements against racial segregation in history.

It's strong and brave women like Rosa Parks who have stood up for themselves and fought for the rights that we have today.

Femme Liberté

Femme Liberté White Jumper, feminist top, Rani & Co.

The slogan 'Femme Liberté' isn't inspired by any one woman in particular, but rather all women. It's a slogan based on a woman's freedom, or the 'liberty' to be, have, or do anything that she wants.

I chose a feminine font and a small design to emphasise the natural elegance that women possess.


Boy Bye

Boy Bye Grey Jumper, feminist top, Rani & Co.

I love cosy-ing up in this Beyoncé jumper! I am a huge Beyoncé fan, so it would have been a crime not to include one of her quotes!

The quote 'Boy Bye' may come across  as 'man-hating' which is often associated with feminism, but I chose this slogan based on the woman behind it. Beyoncé empowers women through her music and she’s not afraid to challenge the stereotypes of a woman to achieve her dreams, I truly admire that.

The bold font reflects the strength of a woman. And if a boy does mess around with you, throw on this jumper, hold your head high and rise above it (and here's a cyber hug from me *hug*).


My Body My Rules 

My Body My Rules Black Crop Top, feminist top, Rani & Co.


This quote is inspired by the horrific event of the young girl who was gang raped on a bus in India. I’m not going to into what happened as it really is horrendous, but as an Indian woman I saw this as an opportunity to give other Indian women a voice.

India is a country rich with culture, but also a place where women aren’t respected enough. I will never get my head around why a man thinks that he has the authority to do whatever he wants to a woman’s body. It makes me sad and I want to encourage women to stand up to it.

I chose to place the slogan 'My Body My Rules' on a crop top to emphasise that as a woman, I can wear whatever I want and I’m still ‘not asking for it’.


Monday Grey Cosy Jumper, Rani & Co.


So this jumper isn’t based on feminism at all, but I wanted to bring my personality to the brand and create something a little different.

One of my favourite past times is to sit with a cuppa and watch a film or read a book, hence the tea cup in the 'Monday' slogan. On a daily basis I like to dress comfy as it helps me to be more productive. I’m a simple trainers, leggings and t-shirt or jumper kinda girl.

This jumper is to get you through those dreary Mondays. Cosy up in this soft and snuggly jumper and start your week productively!



The aim of these designs is to focus on feminism and empowering women in a different and more positive light. Lots of brands portray feminism as 'Girl Power' and 'Girl Gangs', but that also implies that men can't be part of gender equality, hence why they don't call themselves 'feminists'. These designs reflect women empowerment and feminism in a more subtle way by celebrating women in history who have fought for our rights and given us a voice.

I hope you love wearing our products and feel proud in them. You are all just as strong and brilliant as these women.


Lots of love,




  • Ramona

    Hi Kimberly,

    I’m so so glad that you like our brand, it honestly means the world! It’s so rare to hear someone say that they like Mondays but it’s refreshing to hear that you do. Keep doing whatever you’re doing to beat those Monday blues <3

    Lots of love,

  • Kimberly Jeanette

    Love your brand! The Monday jumper is what I need in life!!! Love Mondays!

  • Ramona - Founder of Rani & Co.

    Thanks so much Somachi! It’s always refreshing to meet like-minded people. Can’t wait to see you in your purchase! Remember to tag us on Instagram :)

    Lots of love,

    Founder of Rani & Co.

  • Love Somachi

    Loved this post!! All of the meaning behind your clothes are such important topics and it’s great that you’ve been able to represent that in fashion!! I need to make a purchase soon!!! X.

    Love Somachi xx

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