Rani & Co. featured in Journal Magazin

Rani & Co. in Journal Magazin

I woke up one morning to find about hundred Instagram notifications...I was so confused and had no idea what was going on. I investigated (well practiced through Instagram stalking...we've all done it) and I realised that Rani & Co. was gaining loads of traffic from Journal Magazin! I was so excited and I woke my sister up just so I could share the moment with someone.

As a new UK fashion brand that has only been running for 3 months, we're really excited to have been featured in the popular Croatian lifestyle and fashion magazine,
Journal Magazin.

The magazine stumbled across us on Instagram, it just goes to show the power of social media!

Read what Journal Magazin had to say about Rani & Co.



Monday jumper from Rani & Co., Journal Magazin feature

Apart from the inexhaustible inspiration for everyday outfit inspo from our favourite Insta girls, Instagram has been a perfect place to find new brands for the past year. The highly conceived visual identity and effective design of the pieces themselves always lead us to excellent brands that are at the very beginning of their fashion story or carry the status of indie brands that do not strive for wide masses. The latest in a series of brands we found on Instagram is Rani & Co.

Nah Rosa Parks t-shirt from Rani & Co, Journal Magazin feature

Behind the young British brand is Ramona. The name Rani & Co. is a compound of two words, 'Rani' in the Hindi language means 'Queen' and 'Co.' indicates Rani's in the company of other Rani's. Just like the name, each piece features a carefully designed story, a design and a powerful message to some of the most comfortable pieces within a wardrobe.

Sweatshirt and T-shirt designs comprise the first part of the collection of the young brand. Coloured with neutral colours and a distinctive simple cut that brings comfort and versatility, the sweatshirt and T-shirt designs have been adorned with witty and powerful inscriptions such as 'MONDAY' in which a a cup of coffee replaces the letter or 'femme liberte' that conveys a feminist message in an effective fashion with a touch of Parisian chic .

Minimal jewellery from Rani & Co. Journal Magazin feature

Along with the most comfortable casual pieces inscribed with slogans, the second part of the Rani & Co. collection make the most elegant pieces of jewellery. Simple shapes and lovely designs create the perfect combination of stylish and effective, yet subtle and versatile pieces of jewellery.
Boy Bye feminist slogan jumper from Rani & Co. Journal Magazin feature

News and novelties are signed by Ramona and you can follow Rani & Co. on Instagram. Want to add a Rani & Co. piece to your collection? Great news, the brand delivers to Croatia! You can order online at the official website www.raniandco.co.uk

Rani & Co feminist slogan ladies white crew neck jumpers, Journal Magazin feature


Hope you enjoyed reading this piece and thank you again for the feature Journal Magazin!

Lots of love,

Founder of Rani & Co.


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