Interview with VIVA Magazine: Meet the new clothing brand ‘Rani & Co’ channeling everything female empowerment

Read our interview with VIVA Magazine, about how Rani & Co. embraces feminism, why Ramona (Founder of Rani & Co.) started the brand and what to expect from Rani & Co. in the near future.



Rani & Co is a new brand to us here at VIVA, but a brand that certainly packs a punch. The simple slogan tee’s encompass everything to do with feminism in an elegant and chic way.

Founded by Ramona Gohil, she was inspired to create the brand by her shocking research into gender inequality in the workplace. Ramona explained: “I wanted to create a brand which shows feminism as a positive movement, expresses it in a subtle way and empowers women. I decided to create slogan tops that celebrate incredible women, like Rosa Parks and Maya Angelou, to remind people that they can be just as strong and brave as these ladies and to not let gender stereotypes get in the way of achieving their dreams”.

Ramona noticed that a lot of brands were not depicting feminism in the best possible light. With a lot of brands feeding into the “man-hating” stereotypes with slogans such as “f*ck the boys club”, she wanted to present feminism in a more positive way… as equality.

Gold Bumblebee Necklace: £14.99  

“People started joking around calling me a ‘feminist’ as if it were a bad thing, but I realised actually yeah, I am a feminist, I’ve been a feminist since I was really young without knowing it, and I’m proud of it”.


Rani and co consists of various slogan tee’s and a wide range of dainty jewellery. Each piece has been carefully designed by Ramona and has it’s own story.

black nah t-shirt rosa parks feminist slogan t-shirt rani and co

Black Rosa Parks T-shirt: £19.99

The “Nah – Rosa Parks, 1955” tee is inspired by Rosa Parks who was an incredibly brave woman who ended the racial segregation of public facilities. The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton giving it a light and breathable feel. The simple design that comes in either black or white can be perfectly paired with a pair of blue jeans for an effortless look.

The #TimesUp movement is one of the most influential movements of our current time. 

times up slogan feminist shirt

#TimesUp T-shirt: £19.99

Ramona has not ignored this crucial time and so has payed homage in the #TimesUp crewneck tee. Speaking about what influenced this design, Ramona said: “I decided to incorporate this slogan into a t-shirt design, but relating it to the girls in India. I’m originally from India, and I’m aware of the sexism that goes on there. This t-shirt is saying #TimesUp for child marriage, sexual abuse, domestic violence, dowry violence, trafficking, forced domestic labour, female foeticide and women having less access to education and healthcare”.


Not only does this item show your support and dedication to the movement, but also a percentage of profits made from the tee will go towards The Baale Mane Charity. The charity supports young girls in Bangalore giving them a roof over their head, food and education.

When it comes to the future we can expect many more collections coming from this up and coming brand. Ramona revealed in a VIVA exclusive that ‘we can expect to see boho/summer/geometric vibes and pretty pieces to layer, with a few handmade pieces by yours truly’.

dainty geometric jewellery rani and co

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