About our restock..

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We have had so many questions & requests about our sold out items.

We were hoping to receive lots of new stock towards the end of April, however, our stock comes from our supplier in India & as you may know, India are in the midst of a Covid-19 crisis. They are currently in lockdown which has been extended to 8th June, so we may not be able to ship in stock before then.

We will announce the dates of the restock via email & social media (Instagram) so all our Queens have a fair chance of buying their favourite pieces.

We are also upgrading the materials of many of our pieces to sterling silver & a thicker gold-plating. That means that our prices will be increasing due to the higher quality, but our jewellery will still be affordable as it's important to us that our brand is accessible to lots of women.

AND, we will be launching many of our items for our silver-loving Queens!